South Park: The Fractured but Whole

  • We all heard about this over the past few days...

    THE AGE OF CHAOS has begun.

    In other words, it's the sequel to The Stick of Truth.

    The trailer was released, days ago...

    Date of release: TBA

    The game is now available for Pre-Order, and it will be for PC, and for the first time in the PS4 and XBOX ONE, the same consoles Cartman and his gang fought for in Season 17.

    Things went normal after the events of the last title, Wizard Cartman and the newly unified force of the humans and elves continued to fight for the Stick. However, the once paladin who fought alongside the New Kid, has transformed into the most sinister villain in South Park--Professor Chaos. Also note, Clyde who was once the Dark Lord, has been reformed back to being a soldier from Kupa Keep.

    Once they knew Professor Chaos was their new enemy, Cartman and his gang decided to change their game, from a medieval fantasy theme to going into SUPER HERO TIME! That's right, Coon and Friends are back in action! This time, they're harder, better, faster, stronger, and bigger in quantity.

    What stuff do you want to be in this upcoming new game? Are you excited to get a copy of the game?
    Please drop a comment, reaction, or anything you want to say about this. I will be pleased to see your opinions.

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