More colors?

  • I think about adding more colors to the palette in one of the next updates (most likely in May). Which colors are you missing for the custom color items (skin, hair, background, shirts,...)? Of course there is an endless amount of possible colors and I can only include a small part of them. But I want to give you the opportunety to make suggestions. You can describe a color range, post pictures or tell me the code (color picker).

    Today it is more common to use an automatic color picker, but I don't know how to code this and I prefer my current method, because I can select the colors for the darker / lighter highlights for each color myself. So these are the reasons why I keep the color palette. But I am not sure yet how many colors I will include. I guess the size of the single buttons should not get smaller, but there is still some space left I am not using right now.

    And I might change the order of the colors by removing the extra area for the "skin tones". Is this a problem for anybody? When I included it I thought it makes selecting a skin tone easier, but since brown colors are also part of the left area it feels kinda weird now. If you have brown skin it is difficult to compare the colors because they are so far apart.

  • When choosing colors sometimes is difficult to find the same color as some items of the background to mask them. It would be nice to match the color palette to the those ones; not an easy task. ;)

    The 'skin tones' palette could be prescindible if the colors are in the main palette... so go ahead!

  • That's a bit tricky with the backgrounds. Often I don't use the exact colors from the palette on purpose, because I want to make sure green pants work on a green maedow or knight's armor can be combined with a stone wall in the background. Unfortunately this makes it tough to mask parts of the background.

  • Just testing:

    For this new palette I used an acutual order (never had one before ;)): In every column there is a base color in the middle which is made darker and lighter. This way it should be easier to find fitting colors, because you know all color in a column fit nicely. And it looks less chaotic.

    The colors on the right are colors from the old palette which do not fit in this new system, but I want to keep them in case they would be missed. To include them better I'd need more columns and the palette would be even larger...

  • Oh boy, what have I done? :lol: Since I wasn't satisfied with the chaotic look I ended up with this solution with 200 (!) colors:

    Pure colors on the left, colors mixed with grey on the right.
    X = old colors
    O = recommended skin tones (I will mark them only in the skin category)

    Only some old colors are not included, but in these cases I made sure to include very similar colors. So I think nobody will notice the difference ;).

    Now I actually like the palette, but this will be a LOT of work to include. I will select fitting shades for every color (light, main color, dark and very dark), which is one shade more than right now. This will make the highlights on hair and other custom color items make look better and gives me more opportunites when I design new custom color items.

    I will start working on this update next week, so if you notice anything you would change, I am happy about your feedback.

  • Awesome! I already checked it out, and I've already got a bug: when you choose white colour for Kneepads in the legs cathegory, you can't move/delete them, the toolbox doesn't show up....


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