Not in the SP-Studio... yet ;)

  • Where does this topic belong? Those pictures were not made with the SP-Studio, but I included some of the parts in it later - and the basic shape is the same too ;). There is a connection, so I use the "Edited SP-Studio pictures" forum.

    I have drawn about 200 of my own South Park characters so far, most of the time as avatars for friends. Movie stars, musicians, cartoon characters,... most of those pictures are very old, but I will show some of them here. If you notice clothes or hair styles which might be useful for the SP-Studio you can say that. It's easier to add something I have already drawn.

    This is a rather new drawing from last year: The wrestler "Macho Man" Randy Savage (1952 - 2011).

    Some older drawings:

  • I revived and renamed an old DeviantArt account to have a complete gallery of my SP drawings:

    If you want to see improved artworks related to SP-Studio updates this might be interesting. :) There are also some characters who did not appear in SP-Studio updates yet. And my old commissions are there as well if you scroll down, because I did not delete anything. I am currently in the process of uploading more detailed versions of the Marvel superheroes.