The 'Which Movie Was Better' Game

  • Alright, so this is a rather simple game.

    The Rules:

    Person A says two movies and asks which one was better, Person B then answers the post above and then does the same as Person A and the cycle repeats...


    Person A: Pulp Fiction or The Room?

    Person B: The Room. (may explain his decision if he/she wishes to)

    The Godfather or Goodfellas?

    You get the picture. ;)

    So, which was better... Inception or Interstellar?

  • Interstellar

    Christopher Nolan is my favorite director and I love all of his movies, but Inception ranks lower than Interstellar in my personal Nolan charts. It might be because I am interested in space travel and really like the message behind Interstellar. When I watched it in cinema I was very impressed by its atmosphere. By the way: My alle time Nolan favorites are Memento, Batman begins and The Prestige.

    Indiana Jones (1) or Back to the Future (1)?

  • Literally my 2 favourite movies uh....

    Raiders Of The Lost Ark

    Spielberg is a genius and Raiders is completely timeless, the action is amazing and the opening is one of the most iconic bit of cinema.
    Back To The Future is also amazing but Raiders wins in due to the iconic main man himself: Indiana Jones

    Batman (1989) or Superman (1978)?

  • Superman (1978) was one of the most significant and influential films of all time. Whilst Batman influenced a lot of the darker superhero films of today, without Superman, superhero movies would probably never reach mainstream popularity...

    So yeah, probably Superman...

    Which David Fincher film was better: Se7en or Fight Club?

  • Lord Of The Rings. The Hobbit was overstretched and used too much CGI.

    Ghostbusters or Monty Python & The Holy Grail?

  • This is REALLY tough... I like everything Tarantino does and those are two fantastic movies. But I prefer Kill Bill, which is a very personal decision. I like the over the top Asian cinema more than gangster movies, so Kill Bill's "genre" is more appealing to me. I could watch Kill Bill over and over again.

    Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast?

  • Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire). Green Goblin was one of the best movie super-villains in recent years, Lizard, was not...

    it was closer to the comics than ASM and Maguire was more believable as an outcast and SM will be remember while ASM won't

    Batman Forever or The Incredible Hulk?

  • Well, it's been a year, I assume no one wants to save Matt Damon..
    Godzilla (2014) or Kong: Skull Island (2017)?

  • Nooo, I recently watched The Martian! So please let me reply to this one. ;)

    I liked both movies, because they both praise science and exploring new worlds. There is something about Nolan's work that I really really love. It's amazing how big and realistic space travel felt. Interstellar was an epic experience on the big screen. What a soundtrack... And the girl was cool. But I had problems understanding Matthew McConaughey's talking...
    The Martian felt shorter, more fun and I liked the humorous, optimistic tone. For me it was the Feel-Good-Movie I needed after a horrible year of world politics.
    But if I am forced to choose I go with Interstellar, because I guess I am a little Nolan fangirl.
    And now... back to Jetpack-guy:

    Godzilla (2014) or Kong: Skull Island (2017)?

    I am 99% sure I liked Godzilla more, but I haven't watched Kong yet.

  • I absolutely lobved Kong Sull Island, it was the most recent movie I saw in theaters, and kept me entertained the entire movie; I hate when a movie has too much plot/exposition so I end up getting bored/falling asleep lol.
    Great cast, as well; especially John C. Reilly :)

    American History X or Schindler's List?

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