hi, my name is...

  • steve. i've been an addict since august 13th 1997. my last fix was about a minute ago while browsing this site. and i gotta say i like it... no i love it, and i'm not going to stop either!!!

    but seriously, thank you to Janina and the mods for all the work you do. this is a great site! i've been a lurker for a while and decided i might share some of the characters i create, instead of just deleting them.

    one question, can i just start posting in the edited pictures forum (most of mine are edited) or is there something i need to do first?

    btw my avatar is me :)

  • Hi Steve, and Welcome to SP-Studio, you can upload your pics right away, just make a topic in the fitting forum, and post your pics. I hope you'll enjoy your stay. You might also try to join the latest contest about toys, just remember, it has to be non-edited picture.

  • hey thanks for the reply. i'll try to have an entry for the contest. in the meantime i'll post what i have. i really wish i kept some of the older ones i deleted lol

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