Qwerpyblah's Pics

  • so working on a South Park story with a friend(not done yet), and figured I'd make some pics to represent how the girls in it will look(or at least as close as the SP-Studio can make it), both the story and these pics are inspired by the episode The Hobbit and it's use of Photoshop(might tweak some of these pics later, also you guys need to make some more makeup and jewelry options[kinda weird that there's only one decent looking earring set, no decent bracelets besides the spiky kind, and no color editable necklaces which is especially odd]), cause both of those are pretty lacking, same with bottoms and shoes, although that's more understandable);

    Wendy Testaburger

    Lisa Berger

    Bebe Stevens


    Heidi Turner





    Annie Knitts


    Jenny Simon

    Tammy Nelson

    Emily Anderson

    might do some more characters later and at least a couple of these might get tinkered with later