English native speakers! I need your help with a video...

  • Do you want to be the voice of SP-Studio.de? ;)

    I finally create a short video about the SP-Studio (what it is, how it works, who I am) and might need some help. At first I wanted to talk about the project myself, but the problem is: my English pronunciation is TERRIBLE. I am really ashamed of it and so I think about adding an animated SP-Studio character and let him/her explain everything with a different voice. Right now this is just an idea in my head, but I want to ask in time if anybody would like to be this voice? If you are interested this is what I have planned so far:

    I look for an English native speaker (BE or AE does not matter) who can record up to 1 minute of text for a video. So you just need a fitting voice and a microphone. If you are interested please show me a short recording of you talking in your microphone.

    I am not sure yet what type of voice I am looking for and I don't want to waste your time, so one sentence is enough for this test recording. The video will be just regular talking, no screaming, singing or anything strange. It is not decided yet if I will actually do the video this way... but if I find a fitting voice and can animate the character I will send you the storyboard + text. You can change the text because your grammar skills and vocabulary wil be better than mine and I want you to feel comfortable with what you are talking about ;). I only need one recording. Your name / website will be mentioned in the credits of the video and YouTube description (unless you prefer not to be mentioned of course).


    - If this will be too complicated I will just use on screen text and background music. So if you are a musician and want to provide some laid-back background music you might be a big help as well.
    - I can talk in German and use English subtitles.
    - There could be a couple of different SP-Studio characters who talk with different voices. It could be funny to make their look fit their voice (Janina in a Dirndl ;)). But of course this is only an option if many want to be part in the video.

  • Thanks for the offer though :). I will work with Flash, so I think I won't need help with the editing, but it is good to know someone is there just in case.