Hi everybody, i'm Edix.


    Hum hum ...

    Yeah :awesome:
    I'm Edix, a french guy, lel, sorry for my bad english by the way.

    I'm a ''youtuber'' and my project is to make a kind of ''show'' using sp-studio and sonyvegaspro ^^.

    I use sp-studio since a long time now, but I never make a big project like this.

    I love animations, creativity, southpark, sp-studio, and originals creations ;)

    So, that was a quick presentation but I don't know what more to say lel.


  • Hi, Edix! :wave:
    Welcome to SP-Studio!
    If you have any questions or inquries, you can ask me, any of the moderators or Janina!
    Enjoy the forum!

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