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    I'm pretty sure that "reboot" is actually just Darren Aronofsky's cancelled Batman: Year One film, which is supposed to be turned into a graphic novel soon. The script was written by Aronofsky and Frank Miller, and featured many changes to the original story. I read some of the script and thought it kicked ass. Now Warner Bros. thought differently and decided to go another root with Christopher Nolan. And well, the rest is history. :)

    Here's the script.

    Actually, its in production. It's not Batman: Year One. It's called The Batman

    i found this. Not sure if its useful info.

  • [Blocked Image:]

    The Dark Knight Rises... yay.

    So, it's being released THIS FUCKING FRIDAY OH MY GOD I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!! :excited::excited::excited:

    From what you've seen from the trailers and previews and a ton of other shit, what do you think?

    Are you excited? When are you seeing it? Are you even seeing it? (if no, then, wtf is wrong with you)

    Oh and when the movie comes out use spoiler tags.


  • There are 3 reasons I HAVE to go to the cinema this year:

    1. The Fantasy Filmfest (>20 movie premieres in 8 days, I visit it every year)
    2. The Dark Knight Rises
    3. The Hobbit

    I know nothing about it yet (except for the villains), because I did not watch the trailers, teasers and promo whatsoever stuff. I just expect the best and I am sure Nolan will deliver =).
    Actually I don't know if I prefer a Happy Ending or a sad one... let's just hope nobody will spoil it for me. What I want are some nice surprises and the typical dark atmosphere. The rest is up to Nolan, I trust him.

    Will it be better than the first two parts? Maybe, but it does not have to. They were so great, it will be very hard to top them.
    When I look back at famous trilogys there are some good examples for amazing 3rd parts (Indiana Jones, The Lord of the Rings, the new Star Wars trilogy... okay, the first two parts of this were easy to top), so I am not worried about it.

  • I have some batman sorta related news I heard that the Man Of Steel teaser trailer will be shown befor The Dark Knight Rises starts. Which I'm super exicted to see

    Chuck Norris can't breath underwater....water wouldn't dare to take oxygen from Chuck Norris
    -Someone who knows the truth

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    Here's something for the wait.

    That was awesome. One of the best trailers I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing that, Joker.

  • The Dark Knight Rises...The perfect end, to the perfect trilogy.
    I really don't know where to start. I've been in shock since about Friday, July 20th, 9:45pm est. It was a flawless end, and I'll fight to the death deffending that...

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    The Dark Knight Rises...The perfect end, to the perfect trilogy.
    I really don't know where to start. I've been in shock since about Friday, July 20th, 9:45pm est. It was a flawless end, and I'll fight to the death deffending that...

    Haha, I know what you mean man. I was actually thinking that we both had the same reaction, since neither of us had anything to post.

    That said:

    Oh, almost forgot:

  • Haha. It was shock, man. Pure shock. :lol:

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    Haha. It was shock, man. Pure shock. :lol:

    Definitely going to see it again.

  • on the subject of the whole reboot thing, i think they should but make a batman movie, Bruce wayne's parents get killed, he becomes batman, fights the joker, batman wins, big woop, and then...pair it with man of steel, green lantern and make a wonder woman, flash, even a aquaman movie and make the justice league a movie!!

    with nothing to do with this!:
    [Blocked Image:]

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    Definitely going to see it again.

    I can't wait to. As for the whole "reboot" thing, I'm dissapointed in humanity for already talking about a Batman reboot so soon. Humans have become so impatiant and self righteous and it's fuckin' pathetic. Just enjoy what we have, an epic trilogy that needs to remain untoched for awhile. Just leave it be. And the Justice League movie needs to crash and burn. I really don't think average moviegoers understand the appherent differences between Marvel and DC when it comes to crossovers to be taken seriously. And sadly, the rage filled forever unsatisfied fanboys are blind from the success of The Avengers and support this abomination. Honestly, can anyone see a post Bale Batman (Not saying Christian Bale should or needs to do it) sitting arround a table disscusing how they should save the planet with The Flash and Martian Manhunter right now? Maybe in 8 or 9 years, but now, let us enjoy what we have.

  • on the subject of the JLA film, can anyone explain to me what is going on with the wonder woman movie, every other they come out with a new explaination.

  • im just back from seeing it....

    On to the details:

    the list of the best (they were all great)

      1. the dark knight rises
      2. batman begins
      3. the dark knight

  • Removed some spoiler tags. Please only use them for things that are, y'know, spoilers. Saying "It was awesome" isn't going to ruin anything for anyone, you don't need to tag it.

  • Really? I fell like they made Bane a great ruthless and feared leader,

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