A thanks, thank you or like button for posts

  • Thanks for your feedback :). If others want this as well I will have a look if this is possible. But I have to admit the message board software is a little bit tricky to update and so I wanted to avoid more plugins (usually I don't use phpBB, so I am no expert here).

    My personal opinion on this is that I prefer comments over likes. I made the experience people comment less if they can just press a button, so I am not sure if this is an improvement for a forum... I think commenting is more personal. But this is just an opinion, the real reason why I am sceptical are the technical difficulties.

    We have a rating system for the gallery, so if you like a picture there it can be shown.

  • I am active on some message boards which have this feature implemented. Sometimes its quite cool, especially if the community is bigger. Sometimes you just don't know what to say or someone else already did, but you anyway want to show agreement/support. But I don't think we nee this for our small and not very active board here… Just comment I think, just as Janina said ;)

  • This should work already. With a resulotion higher than 1500 the news are located on the right side from the SP-Studio. If this does not work for you it is a bug. Which OS and internet browser are you using?