Giddy has arrived!

  • Hiya Giddy here (or Gids for short),
    I'm new to this website, but not new to South Park. Had watched it when I was very young, and my favourite character out of it is Kenny. You Bastards! You guys killed Kenny!! :huffy: I may add Twitch to my favourites as well, though I hardly see him very much in it, but I think he's so funny.
    So about me right? Okay, well I am a college student. So I have no idea if I be on all the time, but if there's a character I made up and I wanna see them in South Park mode, I get it done.
    Though too be honest, have no idea how to show my images I done so far, anyone help me with that? :???::drop:
    I also love making my own characters and their own stories or who they are and how they became like they are now, everything to the last detail. I love it so much. I guess that's one of the reasons why I write stories. :pc: The other reasons is that my imagination doesn't EVER stop. Even my creepy dreams allow me to catch on long enough, so I have something to write about. Plus I love books. So to see one of my own stories go on the shelve would be fantastic! Only problem I'm having with it is that I can never many any short stories, they're always so LONG! :wall:
    I guess that's enough for now, unless anyone has any questions about me?
    And someone show me how to out up images on here!

  • Hi Giddy, how ya doin. I just registered yesterday
    I checked the forum for info on this. Seems you need to open an imageshack account which i did yesterday. The problem I had is this forum needs the "Direct" code from imageshack which requires a full membership there. I dont have the cash for that right now.
    I hope I got this wrong SP-Studio?

  • or you can enter a contest such as the one they started today for UNDEAD and if you get in the top 5 you earn Gallery rights (If I understand it correctly) Check the competition rules.
    Imageshack though would be best. Hopefully SP-Studio will have more info

  • :D From the sound of what the regulars were saying in the forum thread for the Undead comp, yeah, would have to be pretty good to win. But points for being in Top 5 makes it worth the time i think. Good luck

  • Hey guys, welcome to the forum! =]
    If you guys have any questions or any other inquiries...feel free to ask me or any other moderators!

  • To include images in a forum post you need to put the image url in between image tags like this: [img]inserturlhere[/img]. If Imageshack charges you for this then there are plenty of other image-hosting sites that will do the same for free; I use personally.

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