SP-Studio updates: Animal month



    I want to dedicate a whole month of SP-Studio updates to animals, so let’s start with a very popular species: The pony! I included 11 new items inspired by the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, developed by Lauren Faust.

    • hooves as hands
    • a pony nose
    • a unicorn horn
    • pony ears
    • small wings
    • 2 pony tails
    • 4 hairstyles inspired by main characters of the show

    I hope this little tribute is a nice addition for all bronies out there and useful for other types of animal characters as well. I designed the hair so you can even use it for human characters. You might wonder why there are no unique details like the cutie marks or colorful highlights in the hair. This is because I did not want to just copy one existing pony but rather find interesting parts for creative use. Special thanks to Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rarity and Pinkie Pie who posed as models :).

  • Quote from Janina

    Sometimes parents or teacher ask me if the SP-Studio is made for kids. I know many children play with it and it helps them to be creative, but when I created it I had no children in mind. The art style is based on the TV show “South Park”, a satirical cartoon for adults. The characters look cute and I do not think this game will harm children, but there are some weapons and drugs as items. A dildo hat might be the most inappropriate thing you can find here. I will not remove this items, but apart from this I cannot think of anything that might be a problem..

    Wow... I did not expect this... new ears and snout look good though.

  • I am not even a MLP fan, I never understood the hype about it ;).

    But I started to draw items for animal updates and realized that parts for ponies would be very useful. To combine this with a popular cartoon seemed like a good idea to make everybody happy, because I got asked for a MLP update a couple of times. In Germany we say "zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen"... I think in English they say "to kill two birds with one stone". From all the new parts only the hairstyles might be recognizable as "typical MLP", so I hope I won't end in a shit storm for this update. I know many people hate this cartoon as much as others love it.

  • Wow... I did not know people hate it THAT much. Whenever I did an update about a tv show or movie the fans liked it and everybody else seemed to be able to ignore it. But this time I already got some really grim feedback.
    "I guess I had a fun time here, but I ain't going to fucking use this site anymore. Thanks for ruining it for me kraut"

    :lol: </ :facepalm:

  • Whoever said that, I'm sure they'll be a huge loss to the community here. Whatever will we do if all the racist dickheads stop using the site because they've got sand in their vagina over a few items that no one is forcing them to ever click on? Geez.

    I'm no fan of the cartoon myself, but most of these items look pretty useful in their own right. :thumbup:

  • Thanks. Apart from the hairstyles they are just normal animal bodyparts, so there is actually not much to be mad about :).

    Anyway, here is something else I want to share: When I was drawing those characters I had fun and so I crateated a wallpaper as a little bonus for this update. I added some additional details to recreate the main characters of the show (I had to look them up of course). In the end shadows and textures were added with Photoshop. A little experiment because I never used textures for South Park characters before.



    SAFARI! The second “animal month” SP-Studio update includes 8 new body parts inspired by African animals. You can use them to create zebras, cheetahs, elephants… but they are useful for other animal characters as well, like tigers or walruses. Those are the new items:

    • stripes & spots for the skin
    • paws as hands
    • trunk as a nose
    • cat mouth & elephant mouth with tusks
    • cat ears & elephant ears
  • Well the 2 under changes the skin to freddies and give not the spots/stripes.
    And is it normal that i can’t change the colour to something else than black?

  • I just replied in the news comments ;) This:

    The two buttons on top are for black stripes/spots, the ones on the bottom are for stripes/spots in different colors (related to the skin color). If those do not work please try to refresh this file: http://www.sp-studio.de/head/headn.swf

    I had some technical problems with the spots and stripes, so this is why there are two buttons right now. This will change in November… the category is pretty messy right now, I really need to have a look at this ;).



    For the third animal related update I included parts of some local forest animals. Most of them were wishes by SP-Studio fans:

    • mouse ears
    • mouse tail
    • squirrel tail
    • bird beak (also good for dragons)
    • belly shape, useful for different animals
    • the old wings have custom colors now as well


    I’ve got a little halloween update for you: a huuuge mouth full of sharp teeth! It was supposed to be a shark mouth, but I guess it looks more like a random monster mouth… well, at least it is scary ;).

  • Ooooooh, Professor von Charlatain just can't wait to use those beauties in his new Abomination.... :evil:

    Thanks Janina, great update! :awesome:


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    Tochter aus Elysium!
    Wir betreten feuertrunken,
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    Deine zauber binden wieder
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