New website design

  • Welcome to the new designed SP-Studio website! I wanted it to look a little bit more appealing and improved some technical things. The SP-Studio itself did not change much, but a new content update about a famous tv show will come next week. I hope you like how everything turned out. The most important changes are:

    • The overall look of this website became more playful and inviting. Now you actually see SP-Studio characters when you open the site.
    • A responsive layout, so the website looks better on big screens now.
    • A “news slider” on the front page so you won’t miss any updates.
    • The front page should be less chaotic now.
    • On bottom of the blog there are a search field, monthly archives and tags to make it easier to find old posts.
    • The blog looks nicer with fitting images for every post.
    • You can now use Gravatars now when you comment.

    The menu in the forum still needs to be changed, but working with those template files is kinda annoying for me, so I will do this later. The links still work :).

    Oh, and I can use randomly changing header images now, 4 are inlcuded already.