Wish Voting Weeks: Big final update

24 new items can be found in the SP-Studio now. And I changed the freestyle collection shirts, so you can choose between more colors. But let’s see which new objects were included, because those wishes got high ratings by the SP-Studio visitors:

  • Closed plaid shirt (wish by SnowyBowser)
  • Four craft items (wish by nutria)
  • Taco (wish by iloveall321)
  • Liquor bottle (wish by xXxForceFedLiexXx)
  • Water bottle (wish by SnowyBowser)
  • Mjolnir hammer (wish by SoxKid)
  • Meat Cleaver (wish by SoxKid)
  • Minigun (wish by Mauro)
  • Kitchen Knife (wish by SoxKid)
  • Epaulettes (wish by Ron Miel)
  • Smurf hat (wish by Bocki97)
  • Rising sun headband (wish by Starwarsnerd)
  • Long curly hairstyle (wish by jellyfish)
  • Cartman’s Gordan Ramsay hairstyle (wish by AznChloe)
  • Billy Thompson Friend’s hairstyle (wish by ADePALMA1251)
  • Pants (wish by Tometjuh12)
  • Jeans (wish by dassenasse)
  • Ripped Jeans (wish by xXxForceFedLiexXx)
  • Diapers (wish by wwebrando)
  • Hands with hook (wish by Caribou)
  • Boxing gloves (wish by XxTweekXx)

I hope you enjoyed the “wish voting weeks”! Thanks to everyone who suggested new items in the SP-Studio Community and voted for them! And don’t be sad if your wish wasn’t included this time, there will be other updates in the future. I think about “video game weeks” in the fall with some gaming related costumes, that’s not settled yet. Feel free to write comments about wether you like this idea or not. I am always happy about some feedback on my SP-Studio updates, because I want to know what YOU want :).

Wish Voting Update


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