Inspired by Heidi from South Park

4 thoughts on “Flowerhat

  1. Janina Post author

    This hat is very popular and I was asked to include it by many different people already. And most important: I think it is a nice hat. 🙂 I might change it a bit so it’s not with the exact same color.
    About South Park items I wrote: “don’t focus on South Park too much. I want to stop copying it, so the chances are low for these wishes.”
    LOW chances does not mean NO chances. 🙂 If I like something and they are not only interesting because of South Park I might draw it. But I delete 99 wishes based on South Park and only keep 1.

  2. TigerRocks503

    I know its copyrighted by South Park but I feel it deserves to be in SP-Studio. The hat made Heidi a more recognizable character in South Park and she sometimes does not wear it all the time like the main boys so I figured something not always showing up as much could work.

    Plus it can allow for more interesting pictures of Heidi as her hair and coat are already available.
    And most of the other 4th grader’s hats are already there: Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Craig, Wendy, and even Kenny’s parka.
    Plus Heidi deserves a little more recognition in my opinion. 🙂

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