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The new SP-Studio is here!

It’s finally here! Three years of preparations by optimizing all my drawings, three months of developing by Lars and now I am proud and happy to present you the new SP-Studio we have worked on so hard. No Flash is required anymore and it will run in every browser – so go ahead and give it a try! 🙂 I would love to read your feedback in the comments. You can still visit the old Flash versions here. If you want to use the mobile version just visit the website, no app store is required. The offline version I announced is not working though – please stay online for now. You will find many new items as well, but I let you discover them for yourselves. And finally I want to thank everybody who supported me during these years – with your donations, your knowledge and your kind words. Your help made this possible!

New forum!

Visit the shiny new SP-Studio forum!
It took some time, but after the crash of the old forum I wanted to make sure the new forum software runs smoothly. I was able to save all the user accounts, posts, private messages and most settings. So I hope you will feel at home in the new forum. 🙂 It has some nice new features, a modern text editor, better spam protection, SSL, supports mobile devices and you can now attatch image files directly to your post. You can read more about what’s new in this thread.

The forum is the best place to ask for help when you run into problems while using the SP-Studio. There is an extra subforum for support. You can also suggest new items and discuss updates or the development of the new SP-Studio. So it’s worth to register. Of course the registration is free. See you there!

(Contest) news (November )

SP-Studio contestBefore I talk about the contests let me announce something about the forum: You can access the old forum again to save pictures and text. But it’s broken, so new posts do not work. I will switch to a new forum software and try to rescue as much as I can, but I cannot promise anything. So please save anything you want to keep.
Since this whole PHP problem made things a bit chaotic for me, an update is about to be finished and the Christmas Special is around the corner I will skip the picture contest for December. This means the current contest about ROAYALS runs longer. You can submit your pictures until November 31st. The voting will run trough December.
In the meanwhile have a look at the last winners: Congratulations to Art Vandelay for winning the FATALITY contest! Please contact me when you want to claim your prize – a free wish for a SP-Studio update. You can find all contest winners in the HALL OF FAME.

Forum problems

If you were active in the SP-Studio community you might have noticed problems with the forum. It has been down for two days now and unfortunately things look bad.
The reason for this is a new PHP version on the server. The forum software was very old and broken because updates did not work anymore (conflicts between plugins, a long story). Since it’s only a small community I decided to keep it running and replace it in the future when I find a solution for exporting. But if you run old PHP code at some point it won’t be supported anymore by the PHP version on the server which is regularly updated. Updates are a good thing for security reasons, but in this case it killed the forum and there is no access anymore. I feel bad about how this happened… At least I’d wanted to give the members the chance to backup things before I replace the forum with a more modern software. I will try to make this possible. In the meantime you can contact me by e-mail or here in the news comments. I hope the regular visitors of the forum see this post.

UPDATE: You have access to the forum again, but it’s too broken to post anything. Please save anything you want to save! We will move to a different forum software in january and I don’t know yet what I can keep.

F.A.Q. about the new SP-Studio

SP-Studio Patreon campaignIt has been one month since I told you about the bad sitution of my website and it’s time for another update. I received many questions, so this will be a F.A.Q. post about the future of the SP-Studio. Feel free to ask anything else in the comments!

1) In short: What’s the problem?

The SP-Studio is coded in Flash. But Flash is slowly dying, so the SP-Studio will not work anymore on your computer. To save it a new version is needed which does not rely on Flash. Though I can use my old drawings the whole coding needs to be redone in a way that’s save for the future. This project will be time consuming and expensive. In January I wrote this blog post to ask for your financial support to save the SP-Studio. Since I don’t charge you for anything this is the only way to pay for this. Donations are possible via PayPal or Patreon. Continue reading

Possible design changes

As mentioned in my previous blog post there are several improvements I think about for the future of this website. The change from Flash to HTML5 means a complete rework is inevitable, and while I edit every item anyway I also want to improve the illustrations. This is the one topic that might cause some controversy among long time visitors, so let me explain exactly why I want to do this and what you can expect from the results. Please remember: This is just an idea for now. Nothing has been decided yet and I just share my early thoughts with you.
I would love to change the character design from South Park to a unique style. I know… The whole project is based on South Park and even the name “SP-Studio” is a reference to the show, but please hear me out. Continue reading

Update on SP-Studio's future

The minimum goal has been reached!

The mimimum goal of 600$ is reached!

Because of the amazing support during the past couple of days I reached my minimum goal, which means I don’t have to shut down this website! This is an incredible relief for me. Thank you so much for your funding (48 people donated so far) and for spreading the word! Every single one of you made a difference and helped to survive. I was even contacted by coders with experience in projects like this. So the future looks way brighter now than when I started this campaign two weeks ago.
As displayed in the chart above reaching this “mimimum goal” means there will be a new SP-Studio, which will use HTML5 / JavaScript / SVG instead of Flash. With those 600 $ I can create a working version this year. But since this was only the minimum budget it would lack some of the current features. So while it’s not about life and death anymore donations still are important. With them I can work on the more complicated features, like the little buttons to rotate und move items, or the export function. Continue reading

Help to survive!

SP-Studio Patreon campaignHappy new year! First of all I want to thank my supporters very much for their PayPal and Patreon donations! You helped me in 2017 to continue with SP-Studio updates and provide the visitors of the site with new items to build their characters. 2018 will be something special though, because huge changes are unavoidable… And I have some sad news.
The death of Flash means the death of
Flash is dying. We all knew this day would come, but now we have a date. Adobe will stop supporting Flash in 2020 and Google, Microsoft, Apple and other major companies have already started to abandon it. Since the SP-Studio is coded in Flash it already works on less and less platforms, and soon it won’t work anymore on your computer as well. If I don’t change from Flash to HTML5 / JavaScript this website cannot survive the next two years. Continue reading

Under Construction

Forum update

Under ConstructionThe SP-Studio forum will be offline for a couple of days. It was time for a big update and unfortunately this did not go smoothly. But it will be a better forum when it’s back!
Right now I am not sure how long it will take, but I will keep you updated in the comments of this post. So if you are a member or even team member of the forum you can stay here while the forum is offline.
Thank you for your patience!

SP-Studio Patreon page

I have a Patreon page now

SP-Studio Patreon pageDo you like You can support it now at with a small monthly pledge. Even a Dollar can make a difference. I started this crowdfunding campaign in order to be able to continue to provide regular updates and more content. Asking for money is not easy for me, but Patreon is a fair concept, because you support artists who already create content you enjoy. So you know what you get. They do it for free, but this doesn’t mean they can survive without money.
I started to work on this project back in 2002 and never charged my visitors for anything. Not only the updates take time to draw and code, I also reply to feedback and provide support every day. Now I cannot afford to put more time into a project I don’t earn money with. I get a lot of interesting feedback and there are so many ideas I would love to draw, but unfortunately I can only include a very small part of those. To pay my rent I work as a freelancer, so if this Patreon campaign pays off I could choose to work less on other jobs and put more time into my own projects like the SP-Studio.

This is my Patreon page:

Please take the time to have a look and consider to become my patron. The video is in English, but there are subtitles in German as well. It’s my dream to be able to work on what I enjoy most and you can help me get a little bit closer to this. I see profile pictures created with my drawings all over the web, and if only a small percentage of users considered making a donation, it would make a HUGE difference. Unfortunately single Paypal donations and ad banners don’t work as good as several years ago, so this is why I take this step now. Financial support means more updates in the future! And as a Patron you will get rewards like the possibility to see updates before they are published and to vote for what I should draw next. Check out the rewards on bottom of the Patreon page. And here is a video about how Patreon works.
I need YOUR help now! I am not good at promoting myself, so if you don’t support me at Patreon please spread the news by sharing the link. Many people have visited SP-Studio in the past and use the pictures I have drawn, but I cannot reach them without you. So this is the one time I ask you to share something and spread the word about my Patreon page. Thank you very much for your help!