Update: Summer fashion 2

SP-Studio emoji updateAnd again it’s summer time! After I provided some swimwear last week I wanted to focus on t-shirts this time. So nine new shirts for different tastes were added today!

My goal was to give anime or metal fans some neutral shirts which are not based on one specific brand. There are also two cute shirts for pet owners with a puppy and a kitten on it. For those of you who like to travel there’s a boat and a car. Programmers will find something for them as well. And in case you don’t like t-shirts with motifs at all there are two classic models without them. Some of these shirts will have custom colors in the new SP-Studio, but it will depend on where it makes sense.

And a quick note in case you are waiting for it: I am away for the weekend, so the next picture contest will start on Monday.


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