Snow White costume

South Park Snow WhiteYour SP-Studio character wants to feel like a classic Disney Princess? No problem!

Today I included the costume of Snow White, inspired by Walt Disney’s famous animated movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” from the year 1937. I am sure the new items will be useful for many characters, because you can use most of them in different colors:

  • a new dress
  • a bow
  • a classic short hairstyle
  • smiling lips


  1. Sorry, but this was a special I only did once. It took long to draw them and I’d have to draw new shirts every two years. Then nobody would use the old ones anymore, which makes it a very unsatisfying job. I prefer to use my time for different updates, which are more usful and more fun to draw :).

  2. Can you make Craig’s Hair because you dont have as far as i know.
    Also Craig’s hat is a bit off

  3. There are 14 entries for the robot contest already, but they don’t show up until the voting starts (August 20). I hide them until then so nobody can copy ideas from others who submitted early. This way everybody has the same chances :).
    But I hope there will be even more entries.

  4. Craig’s hair is on my list, but I haven’t planned South Park realted updates for the near future. Hmm… I will see what I can do :).

  5. Hello there. If you have the time I thought it would be cool if you made the South Park Alter-Ego clothing and Cartman’s body shape. I am aware Prof. Chaos is there. The ones I’m talking about are The Coon, Mysterion, Toolshed, The Human Kite, Mosquito, Tupperware, Mint Berry Crunch XD and any others I missed ( I thought Timmy’s would be a little hard since he sits down and has a different body shape. Hope it’s not to much to ask. Thanks for the great creator.

  6. @eldea cachimba: I think items for a single band are too special, sorry. They are only interesting for fans of this band. The chances are higher that I include costumes which are even useful if you are no fan of the character they are based on.

    @hannah: Thanks for the feedback, I am glad you like the SP-Studio :). I have thought about adding the superhero costumes, but this would mean a lot of drawing and I am not sure if it is worth the time. The thing is: If you just copy existing South Park characters you can also use a picture from the episode, because they will look exactly the same. Most people who use the SP-Studio create their own characters, so this is why I haven’t drawn original South Park costumes in a while. They are not that popular, because you cannot use them in a creative way.
    But I am still a huge South Park fan, so I am sure there will be original South Park clothes / hair-styles in the future. And who knows? Maybe there even will be a superhero update someday :).
    Regarding Cartman’s body shape:

  7. Thanks for considering on adding the clothes. I read the F.A.Q and I understand perfectly. I hope this website becomes a great success (it already is) :)
    And I add one question…
    Who is your favorite main character and background character?
    Mine is Kyle and Craig.

  8. My favorite character is Kenny. It is difficult to focus epsiodes on him, because he does not speak, but I like the little scenes with him. From the adults I like Mr. Garrison a lot, because he never fails to be funny. Background characters: the mole and Jesus.

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