Pharaoh costume

SP-Studio update: Egyptian PharaohToday’s update is inspired by history:

With the new hat, beard and jewelry you can dress up your SP-Studio characters as an Egyptian Pharaoh. You can even rebuild the famous death mask of Tutankhamun by seletcing a golden skin tone.

And another classic costume is already in the making, so it will be online in time before Halloween :).


  1. Unfortunately Dr. Who is difficult, because there are so many dotcors and they all look different. Do you have an idea for a single costume?

  2. Wow, what are you doing here? :D
    Please try to relax a little. Unfortunately this website is not my main job, it’s just a hobby ;). So somtimes I can only check the comments once a day. But I read all of them and reply as soon as possible. I don’t ignore anybody on purpose, so please don’t be sad.

    Regarding your wish: I will keep it in mind :). But you already can build a pretty good doctor without new parts, here’s an example of the 11th doctor:
    I guess what’s missing is the hair styles, so I might include one n this year’s Christmas Special. But the clothes are already there.

  3. This is the only problem with the outfit… right now the tie goes over the jacket. But this was something I wanted to change for a long time, so I will do it next month. Then you can build the doctor’s outfit and it is something others will be happy about as well :).

  4. Sorry, but why should I do this? You are not the first person who asks me for Doctor Who. So it would be very unfair to the others if I only mention your name. There have been as least 40 people before you who have had this idea ;). That’s why I consider doing it. If only one person asks me for something usually I don’t include it, because I want to choose things many people like.

  5. And unfortunately I cannot PROMISE to do it. I put it on my list, but there are 100s of wishes on this list… so please don’t be sad if it takes time.

  6. American Football, Football and Baseball shirts are already there, you can find them here: Shirt > Unique Designs
    But I still need a Hoykey outfit, right now I only have the puck & hockey stick. I will remember it :).

  7. please make more special items,the christmas ones were great but make more please,and more often,maybe a snowboard,a surfboard,halloween related,backpack,shoulder bag(boys)

  8. Janina could you make a cyberman costume please? and maybe a colin baker sixth doctor coat and tom baker’s scarf? it’s ok if you can’t I’d just really like them and a Sherlock costume, but it’s ok if you can’t I can tell you might be busy but it would be cool if you could thanks

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