Update: Freestyle Collection

When I first had the idea for the “SP-Studio” back in 2001, my intention was to help fellow South Park fans to live out their creativity, even if they cannot draw or paint. At the beginning there were just a few clothes to choose from, but their number grew over the years and with today’s update there will be many more possibilities to create any character you want.

I noticed there are 2 groups of users: Some want to create a funny character as fast as possible. So I left the “unique designs” as they are, because they are the easiest way to dress up.

Clothes UpdateToday’s update is for the others, who want to be more creative. I reworked the “freestyle collection” for you. Now you can’t just choose the colors for those clothes, you can even combine them freely in up to three layers. You can switch layers by clicking on the numbers on the left side (1 = underwear, 2 = middle, 3 = on top). So for example you can wear a dress under a shirt under a jacket. There are more basic clothes, patterns and colors to choose from too.

By adding this feature there are countless possibilities to combine clothes, especially if you use some fashion accessories too. You can create interesting things by combining different clothes and moving them a bit around. Give it a try, I hope you enjoy this update! And I’m happy about some feedback, so feel free to tell me if you like this update.


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