Four new hairstyles

New hairstyles for your South Park charactersHere are some new haircuts for your characters:

  • A nicely braided updo
  • Wild, curly hair inspired by Merida from Disney’s Brave
  • Single pieces of hair insipired by Gollum from The Lord of the Rings
  • A short haircut inspired by Matthew Bellamy from Muse

SP-Studio character contestThe last hairstyle was a wish by contest winner Jareen2. Speaking of contests: Don’t forget to upload your album cover until June 20th! This month our contest is about recreating a famous piece of album art by only using the SP-Studio.


  1. Hey see the way their are backgrounds?, could you add a tardis background like inside or just outside it? please :)

  2. Sorry, but I try to keep the backgrounds interesting for many visitors. Only Doctor Who fans would know what a Tardis is, and so this is too special. I added some Doctor Who costumes because they can be useful for everybody, but this would not be the case for this background. I hope this explains it :).

  3. like the ones you can put your hands into , you have one here but the sleeves are way up and it only comes in grey
    shirt-> Unique Designs -> second row 4th t-shirt maybe being able to change the color of it? :)

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