Update: Even more hair!

SP-Studio hair updateAfter I sorted the new items from the Christmas Special I started the new year with a classic topic that never gets old: New hairstyles!

Eight of these were added to the SP-Studio today, reaching from odango buns (ispired by Sailor Moon) to a traditional court wig. Some of these hairstyles were wishes from the SP-Studio community. Of course you can change the color of every one of them and you can decide if you want to use them with shadows and highlights or in the “flat” style.


  1. I cannot block anybody from using the SP-Studio so most likely it has to do with your browser. Which browser are you using and which operating system? Flash content must be allowed in the browser settings.

    And unfortunately mobile devices do not work, because they usually do not support Flash at all. Special apps can help here, but it is a little bit complicated.

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