Doctor Who costumes

Doctor Who costumesA new update is online, inspired by BBC’s DOCTOR WHO!

After drawing Sherlock I wanted to do something related to another popular British tv show. Many fans asked me for a Doctor Who costume, but it was difficult to pick a doctor. Everybody seems to have another favorite. So I decided to do all the three “new” doctors in one update. Three hairstyles and two suits were added and I hope everybody is happy with this :).

  • 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)
  • 10th Doctor (David Tennant)
  • 11th Doctor (Matt Smith)




  3. Thanks; I’m glad you like it :)

    @Jeff: Sorry, that’s enough Doctor Who :). Other shows have fans as well and I want to do something else now. And those backgrounds would be too special, the suits and hair-styles can be used for other characters as well.

    @Jaycie: I’d love to, because I watch Game of Thrones myself. But after Sherlock and Doctor Who I will get away from “tv show costumes” for some weeks now. Maybe later this year, when season 4 starts :).

  4. I have actually thought about this once for a Halloween update, but did not find the clothes very interesting. That’s why I did not draw them, they looked like many of the clothes I already had in the SP-Studio.

    It’s a bit difficult to pick the right thing… I search for movie/tv show characters which are popular and have unique and interesting costumes that are recognizable. But the costumes should not be too strange. SP-Studio visitors who are no fans of the movie/tv show should want to use them as well for different characters.

    That’s why Sherlock and Doctor Who were good shows to work this – they have one single main character with a very unique costume, but it also works as a SP-Studio item if you don’t know the source :). Game of Thrones would be interesting, because the costumes can be useful for every fantasy / medieval style character. I would like to have more of this in the SP-Studio.

    But for February it’s all about the “stuff” category, no clothes at all.

  5. I understand, that you don’t want to do to much for one show, but at least the Doctor needs a sonic screwdriver! Just a tiny little screwdriver.

  6. I don’t really want to draw more superhero outfits… it’s the same as with the sonic screwdriver: You can only use them for one single character. This is pretty boring, because the SP-Studio is supposed to be about creativity. Combine different parts to make different characters :). It is not meant to be a collection of already finished pictures for one tv-show/movie.

    BUT I might make an exception with the Avengers, because they are so popular and fans ask me for this very very often. Maybe when their next movie is out.
    Now I really need to do something else than costumes, sorry ;).

  7. Well I can see you’ve already gotten Thor’s hammer down :)

    But if you’re looking for a non-costume update, maybe you can add a tri-corner hat (not sure if hats count as costumes) because I’m also taking Jack Sparrow into consideration.

  8. @Anonyman: Historical clothes are very likely to appear in future updates :).

    @Anubis: I know… not to mention those stupid band shirts which I really regret. Nobody wants to wear them expect for fans of this one band. But I try to learn from my mistakes ;).
    On the other hand: Star Wars maybe is the best known franchise of them all, and that for many years. Everybody knows what a light saber is, even if he is no fan of the movies. I would not be able to recognize a sonic screwdriver.

  9. There already are a stethoscope, a thermometer and some other related things in the “stuff > everything else” category :). A white dotor / nurse outfit can be found in “shirts > unique designs” (you need to scroll a little bit to the right).

  10. “I would not be able to recognize a sonic screwdriver.” – because we are Germans. In the UK nearly everybody could.
    Actually I just thought: it is such a small item and it is just part of the character and if you woul paint it in a very simple design as a small grey pen like item with a little glowing diode at the top it could be used otherwise, but everybody who sees it in the hand of a Doctor would know, that it is the sonic screwdriver. The wand for example is also just a little brown stick. After all a unique item that fits to one typical Doctor or HP-wizard or something like that would destroy the whole SP-look anyway.

    “Nobody wants to wear them expect for fans of this one band.” – actually I think they are useful if you want to make a character with a more “fancy” T-shirt.

  11. @Janina Please forgive me about that horrible comment I made, I deeply regret now. I wasn’t trying to insult you, that wasn’t my true intention. You didn’t try to understand my side of story. I’m really bad at explaining things, but just let me try. I’m just a normal who like both anime and South Park. I was just trying to make a simple request, but I kept constantly getting denied. That really hurt my feelings bad. I was trying to let you know how bad you hurt me. The true intention of my comment was supposed to be a guilty trip. I wanted to feel sorry for me and try to see thing from my side, but I went overboard and my angry just took over. I’m truly sorry for that and hope you try to forgive me. As I said before I’m not a bad person, I’m just deeply misunderstood. I hope you understand what I’ve been trying to say. Is there anyway that you can forgive me?

  12. Hey i love it :) but could this be possible -> the character is always facing front view can it be possible to change the views to say side and back? :)

  13. Thanks, I’m glad you like it :). But unfortunately a side view is not possible. The SP-Studio is mainly used to create avatar pictures, so only a small amount of people need another view. I know there are some who want to use the pictures for comic strips or animations, but the amount of work to create all the stuff for side view would be too much for me to handle. It would mean I’d have to draw all the existing items a second time… and drawing them the first time took me 10 years ;).

  14. I just want to say thank you Janina for the reply :) also can i ask what you used to make the avatar maker and if i could help in anyway like if i for some reason had the same program and made the cloths for you and just give over the files to you. im not saying you have to agree to this but it’s up to you and if you dont mind i’d like to help but thanks for the privies reply :)

  15. Wait.. you use adobe flash? let me guess action-script 3? i actually use flash a lot its awesome knowing that the program was used to make something this awesome!

  16. Yes, it’s all drawn and coded in Flash. I used Flash 4 for a long time, the main part of the coding was already possible in ActionScript 1 and 2. It’s not complicated, just MUCH ;). But being able to save the image as .jpg files was pure horror to figure out. I am no “real” coder, just a webdesigner with knowledge in HTML and CSS – so things like that are really complicated for me. Luckily I found help with this save function. But apart from it I do everything myself. It’s no good coding for sure, but as long as it works I am happy with it :).

    Regarding your offer of helping out: Thanks a lot! But… well, I hope you can understand this, but I always work alone when it comes to drawing. After all this years I feel like this is my little baby. It might sound silly. It might become better and bigger if many people would work on it, but I prefer to continue it the way I started, because I enjoy doing everything about the SP-Studio myself. It’s this one project I keep caring for for over 10 years :).

    Beside from this drawing all the clothes and body parts in side view woulkd be no fun at all and take you really long as well. This is too much to ask for. They need to be in the exact position so the single parts always fit together. And because I never learned “good” Action Script coding my files are a complete mess and difficult to work with.

    But it is great to know that you work with Flash as well. May I save your e-mail address (I can see it here) just in case I stumble uppon a ActionScript question during one of my future updates? I try to solve problems myself by reading support forums and tutorials, but sometimes you brood over this one little problem that someone with better coding skills could understand in a second. And unfortunately I don’t know many people who code in Flash.

  17. sure if it says my email you can save it :) and i understand what you mean it’s your creation , your work and you should feel proud that you made it. Especially since you made it by your self thats impressive :) anyway good look and i hope to see more updates if you make them :)

  18. if you dont mind can you send me an email so i can save you to :) also i realized i made 9/10’s to 11’s sonic screw drivers i could send you the .fla containing them if you want :)

  19. sorry if im wrong but wasnt their a kenny hoodie mask? so you can have the bottom of the hoodie and the hood part? :)

  20. I actually tried this, but the body shape does not fit well with ponys. But there might be an “animal update” with different ears, noses and “hands” soon.

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