Update: COVID-19

SP-Studio hair updateThis is a special update inspired by current events. While I cannot do much expcept for staying at home I want to show my appreciation for all the health care workers, shop clerks, deliverymen and -women who do not have this option. THANK YOU for your hard work! In addition I want to encourage everybody who is not used to it to not feel ashamed for wearing masks in public. Protecting others is the most important thing right now if we want to avoid overloaded hospitals.

So with the help of the Twitch chat I designed ten different masks to wear for your SP-Studio characters in the times of COVID-19. From medical face masks over colorful vogmasks to historcial plaque doctor masks. The simple ninja style mask has custom colors.

I hope this update brings a little bit of joy to you. Stay safe and healthy!


  1. Ooh, these are very cool!
    Being a frequent hospital guest/visitor myself, I think these are very accurate!
    I also love the brown, full-face mask with a beak. Is that by any chance inspired by what doctors wore in Renessaince Italy?

    Thanks so much!

  2. I am glad you like it. :)
    Yes, this is the “plaque doctor” mask. I am not sure if this particular design was mostly common in Italy, but as far as I know masks in a similar style were popular across Europe during historical epidemics.

  3. Can i request some characters from Avatar the Last Airbender? Like Katara Zuko Toph Aang and Sokka please?

  4. I am sorry, but I don’t know Melanie Martinez.

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