Update: 40 new hair-styles… and more!

As promised I drew some hair for you… and I got a bit over the top. I planned to draw about 30, but now there are 40 new hair-styles. I hope you like them! I listened to your requests and so there are some emo, scene girl, anime and even Simpsons hair-styles.

And there is another surprise! I got many questions about adding highlights to the hair, so I included this now. You can use the “customizable highlights” category to add them to the existing hair styles. You can move and flip them or combine different highlights to create your individual style.
Including this was very complicated, so there is only one page of highlights right now to test if you like it. And of course they do not fit with every hair cut – it is up to you to be creative and combine them in a good looking way. But I tried it out and there are countless possibilities for interesting new hair styles now. So enjoy it! :) I did not forget about the beards, but I needed so much time to draw the hair-styles, that I will add the beards later (around February 24th).

Hair Update


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