Twice as much color!

more colorsFrom now on you can choose from 200 different colors when you create your characters. I am sure this will help you to be even more creative! :) Hair, shirts, skin, backgrounds… every item which uses the palette benefits from this update. The colors are better sorted now so you can find a fitting color combination easier than before. I chose the different shades for every color myself instead of using an automatic script to do this to make sure everything looks like I want it to look.

As a bonus more eye make-up, horns and wings from the “make-up and extra body parts” category have turned into custom color items. And I made little improvements to many hair styles because looking at old drawings can feel pretty awkward. I changed black lines to dark lines (depending on the selected color) and fixed small “holes” between hair and body.

I am looking forward to seeing your colorful SP-Studio pictures!


  1. Janina, thank you for this wonderful update, but could you please keep the old color plate as well, especially the recommended skin tones? Some of us are still used to the old version and may feel at loss looking at the more colorful one.

  2. Thank you for your feedback, I understand this very well. I thought about this problem, which unfortunately always appears when you update something… and it always is a hard decision to make. The question comes up if it makes sense to keep the old version if it still has advantages over the new one. But I don’t think keeping two palettes would be a good idea, because I see no advantages in the old one anymore. Sorry for the negative reply, but I will try to explain my thoughs on this:

    When I chose the new colors I made sure every old color is in the new palette as well. This was kind of tricky because I have a system now and the old palette was just pure chaos ;). But in the end I managed to include nearly every old color (or at least a very similar one). So I don’t think including a second palette would be useful… Since I made thsese changes to the order to simplify the palette it would be strange to include a second palette with the same colors. It would just distract and confuse people, because they’d think the colors are different and they’d have to switch between botth palettes to “get everything”. But only the order has changed. I am sure everybody will get used to it quickly, because it went from chaos to a thought-out system. It’s just strange in the beginning because changes always feel strange at first, that’s normal.

    Regarding the separated skin tones: I changed this for several reasons. One was that for most items (hair, clothes, backgrounds) it does not matter if a color works as a skin tone. Another reason was that I noticed people with darker skin often used the brown colors which were not included in the “skin tones” area, so the whole set up felt redundant and I wanted to get rid of it. Similar colors were apart while they should actually be next to each other. When I designed the old palette I did a poor job.

    But the recommendations for skin tones are not gone, because I believe they are very useful to quickly pick a color. When you select the skin now the most popular colors (well, at least I feel like they are ;)) are marked with stars. I reduced them to a small amount of 4 colors to make it easier for those who are not familar with colors to pick nice skin tones. I noticed some older people who selected really strange orange as skin tones, just because those colors were located in the “skin tones area”… ;) And the recommended skin tones are now included in the main palette instead of being singled out, because I wanted to show from which colors they come from a ligher red compared to a ligher orange). This can make it easier to pick color combinations which fit together. But if you often used a certain skin tone in the past and want to recommend it as being marked with a star now I could do this.

    I guess my reply is no substitute for the old palette you are missing, but I hope it explained my thoughts behind these changes. And I hope you will get used to the new layout soon :).

  3. I am color challenged. I am told that I am “color blind”. I do have some difficulty with reds, browns, greens. Could you provide a chart showing what color is where, or is this something I could reference elsewhere? Thank You Peter Benham

  4. I did not think about this, but now I tried to build a chart:


    Unfortunately I am not sure about most of the color’s names, but I tried to label it as good as possible. If anybody wants to add something please comment :).
    The colors are sorted from left to right similar to a rainbow, so for example between yellow and red is orange, which is mixed from yellow and red. When you look down the colors become lighter (mixed with white). The darker colors are mixed with black. The colors on the right do not follow a pattern, they are just some colors mixed with grey.
    If you search for a regular green I recommend the colors above “neon green”, because I feel like they are the most eye pleasing ones.
    I will include this in the help/FAQ page as well.

  5. I myself even got confused with the enlarged palette system, especially with the skin tones which are harder to find. Back then, 20 skin colors can be found on one side, now, only 4 are easy to find in the big palette. What I definitely wanted is to add more markers on the skin colors found on the big palette, probably 30 or 40.

  6. The thought behind the star markers was to give impatient people a really quick way to select a skin tone – without the need to click through many colors and comparing them. So 30 or 40 markers would be too many, and people who want to click througth so many colors ignore the recommendations anyway ;).

    But I will include some more markers. Do you want to suggest some colors or should I pick them?

  7. Well, I have discovered that 64 out of the original 100 (99 due to one color is on both the main and the skin palettes) are on the new palette, thanks to my analysis. 35 were the leftover colors including 5 skin colors. The other thing is, how are we suppose to fit 35 of the leftovers and probably add 5 more to make exactly 240 colors in the palette? I guess it will be a new problem on how to fit a 12×20 grid of colors.

    And speaking of the markers, the ochres, grey orange-reds, and grey browns are good selection. As for the range of reds to yellows, I guess it’s up to everyone to decide where to put the other half of possibly 30 markers.

  8. That’s actually some fine research you did there.

    But I need to add something: On paper only 64 colors are exactly the same. But most colors which I left out were replaced by very similar colors, so most SP-Studio users won’t notice a difference. Of course you see it if you compare the color codes – but nobody does this when building a picture ;). The human eye is not that trained, especially if you don’t work as a designer. As far as I remember there were just about 10 colors I erased completly without adding a smilar color, because they did not fit into the grid. So changing the colors was done on purpose. I wanted to find a good balance between keeping the old colors (with just small changes) and bringing order to the palette. Only with this order it was possible to make it bigger, because nobody wants to use a 200 colors palette that’s chaotic.

    I could add more colors (with some extra time on my hands), but I decided 200 was a good number to stick with – more colors… but not too much. 400 colors would be confusing for those people, who already think 200 colors are difficult to handle. Most won’t see the difference between two colors if they become to similar. There are people who would like to have more colors, but unfortunately I cannot just listen to one part of the community. I try to listen to all the feedback and find a good middle ground, and this was how this update came to life. So changes are very unlikely now, sorry… but I hope you understand that it is not easy to decide on something that hasn’t been changed for years.

    I will look into the markers for the next update and add some more :).

  9. oops… sorry! I read 400 colors, but you wrote 240.
    240 is not too much. But even then I would rather include different colors than the old ones, because they would be too similar.

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