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Christmas Special 2019

The 12th annual SP-Studio Christmas Special has started! I prepare 24 daily updates to surprise you with new clothes, body parts, background images or accessories. The advent calendar at the bottom of this blog post will be updated every day until Christmas, so make sure to keep an eye on it. Or you can follow the SP-Studio on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be informed when a new item is live.

The first update brings Crime Scene Tape as a new foreground effect!

I’m happy about your feedback, so feel free to comment or write an e-mail. You can also make wishes what you want to see in this year’s Christmas Special. Did you know for the first Christmas Special back in 2008 over 2.000 E-Mails with wishes were sent to me? And if you really like it you can help me a lot by supporting this project with a small donation. I hope you enjoy the surprises I prepared for you this time!

The old Christmas Specials can be found here: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

SP-Studio Advent Calendar

80s cartoons #1: Masters of the Universe

Last year I included costumes inspired by famous Marvel and DC super heroes. Now I want to revisit some classic 80s cartoons. My 5$+ Patreon Supporters helped me decide which ones to pick and the first update will focus on one of their favorites: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe! 12 new items were included today, inspired by three beloved characters of this franchise.

  • He-Man: Hair, pants, “shirt”, belt, eyebrows, sword
  • She-Ra: Hair, dress, headdress
  • Skeletor: Mask, pants, “shirt”

The next update will be about a different 80s cartoon. I hope you enjoy the new items! Some of them are very nostalgic, like the Skeletor mask. But others can be useful for different types of characters.

SP-Studio Christmas Special 2014

The big SP-Studio Christmas Special has started! This means updates every day until Christmas, and like every SP-Studio update I give you all of this for free. Those new clothes, body parts, backgrounds and accessories will be based on the wishes of my visitors. Write your requests in the comments and maybe they will be included. The first new item is a baking sheet full of Christmas cookies. I will update this post with the Advent Calendar every day, so keep an eye on it. The old Christmas Specials: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

SP-Studio Advent Calendar

Three new items

Flamethrower guyA mixed update is online with two contest wishes and one idea by a fan that I really liked (the hat). I hope to find the time for another update next week.

  • flamethrower
  • military jacket (as worn by Jimi Hendrix)
  • propeller hat

And don’t forget to join the current SP-Studio contest about ROBOTS until tomorrow evening. Register a nickname, upload your SP-Studio picture and maybe you win a free wish for an update of your choice.

Feathers and curtains

Mixed SP-Studio updateI got a new mouse after my old one was broken, so it’s update time again! Finally I was able to finish this mixed update with wishes from SP-Studio fans:

  • sword on the back (contest wish)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist uniform (contest wish)
  • red curtains as a new foreground
  • native American feathered headdress

contestIf you want to win the chance to have your wish included in the SP-Studio join the monthy picture contests. The current topic is LITERATURE and you can submit your picture until April 20th. The winner is chosen by vote. You can join the contest here, and here you can read more about how it works.

Update: God of War

God of War costumeMore than 600 votes so far and we have a clear winner: 44 % want a Kratos costume from the “God of War” games. So here you go! I included:

  • Blades
  • Armor
  • Tattoo
  • Pants
  • Belt

You can still vote for the 2nd and 3rd place, which will be drawn by me during the next couple of days. Right now it looks like Peach and Dante will be chosen, but you have still time to change this.

Huge Anniversary Update!

Anniversary UpdateNew items for every category! To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this website I prepared an extra huge SP-Studio update. 22 new clothes, hair-styles, fashion accessories and body parts are waiting for you. And because it is the release date of Diablo 3 today some objects are inspired by the Lord of Terror himself. I hope you enjoy the update! :)

And please remember: If you want to support the SP-Studio and help it stay alive for another decade every little donation is welcome. Thanks a lot to everybody who already helped me to keep this project going!

Update: fire and smoke

A mixed update: I added a camping background to the SP-Studio today. Yes, another forrest… but there can’t be enough nature ;). A crowboard was included as well, a wish from the SP-Studio community. And you can use smoke clouds now in front of your character. I hope those are some useful additions.

Some bugs were fixed too:

  • the eyepatch “jumped” when it was moved
  • the text tools are in English language now instead of German
  • more hair styles can be flipped now

As promised I will try to bring you new updates every weekend, so come back soon :). Tell me about what you want to see in the next updates. Clothes? Backgrounds? Hair?

Update: Explosives (…and contest news)

Weapons UpdateThe last month went by so quickly. January was stressful for me, so unfortunately there was only time for this small SP-Studio update: A grenade and dynamite were added to the “stuff / weapons” category. But I will be back with more soon and would love to bring you weekly updates again.

ContestBut the community is still alive and so let’s have a look at the new contest. Until February 15th you can submit pictures for the topic “ANIMALS”.

The last contest “What happened in the year 2011?” was won by Joker (again… he’s too good). Congratulations! The Top5 show: Japan: earthquake & tsunami; London riots; Harry Potter 8: Lord Voldemort dies; Revolution in Libia; Osama Bin Laden’s death.


SP-Studio Christmas Special 2011

Like in the last three years I prepared a big Christmas Special for you. From December 1st till December 24th there will be revealed new SP-Studio items every day. You can see the whole Advent calendar here or follow on twitter, Google+ or Facebook. I hope you enjoy those surprises! Spread the word if you want to support the SP-Studio :). Let’s start with a nice marching drum. Additionally I fixed an annoying bug with the colors of makeup and fashion accessories.

Advent Calendar

And as usual you can make your own suggestions as well. What’s your wish for new SP-Studio items? No matter if it’s your own hair style, celebrity clothes, a toy, a hat or background. Tell me about it!

Update: Portal Gun

Portal UpdateI get many requests for wepaons from video games. Usually I don’t want to draw them, because they are too special and only useful for a small amount of fans. But now I made one exception becaue I believe this is the most popular and interesting weapon: the Portal Gun! Valve’s “Portal 2” came out this year, so this should be a nice addition to the video game related items in the SP-Studio.

Wish Voting Weeks: Big final update

24 new items can be found in the SP-Studio now. And I changed the freestyle collection shirts, so you can choose between more colors. But let’s see which new objects were included, because those wishes got high ratings by the SP-Studio visitors:

  • Closed plaid shirt (wish by SnowyBowser)
  • Four craft items (wish by nutria)
  • Taco (wish by iloveall321)
  • Liquor bottle (wish by xXxForceFedLiexXx)
  • Water bottle (wish by SnowyBowser)
  • Mjolnir hammer (wish by SoxKid)
  • Meat Cleaver (wish by SoxKid)
  • Minigun (wish by Mauro)
  • Kitchen Knife (wish by SoxKid)
  • Epaulettes (wish by Ron Miel)
  • Smurf hat (wish by Bocki97)
  • Rising sun headband (wish by Starwarsnerd)
  • Long curly hairstyle (wish by jellyfish)
  • Cartman’s Gordan Ramsay hairstyle (wish by AznChloe)
  • Billy Thompson Friend’s hairstyle (wish by ADePALMA1251)
  • Pants (wish by Tometjuh12)
  • Jeans (wish by dassenasse)
  • Ripped Jeans (wish by xXxForceFedLiexXx)
  • Diapers (wish by wwebrando)
  • Hands with hook (wish by Caribou)
  • Boxing gloves (wish by XxTweekXx)

I hope you enjoyed the “wish voting weeks”! Thanks to everyone who suggested new items in the SP-Studio Community and voted for them! And don’t be sad if your wish wasn’t included this time, there will be other updates in the future. I think about “video game weeks” in the fall with some gaming related costumes, that’s not settled yet. Feel free to write comments about wether you like this idea or not. I am always happy about some feedback on my SP-Studio updates, because I want to know what YOU want :).

Wish Voting Update

SP-Studio Christmas Special 2010

This year’s Christmas Special has started! Each day until Christmas I will draw one new SP-Studio item. They are based on your wishes so write your requests in the comments or use the Wish Voting area in the SP-Studio Community. But please rerember the few things I cannot include (read about them here). I hope you enjoy the surprises. Let’s have a look at the Advent Calendar which will be updatet every day. The first new item is already there: a nice hat for cold winter days.

Advent Calendar

Update: 63 new objects

Mixed UpdateEnjoy 63 new objects and more colors for the SP-Studio!

  • choose between 100 colors now for hair, skin and many objects
  • 15 new mouths and 4 eyes
  • different ears and noses were added to the “Face” category
  • face piercings and more earrings, which can be combined
  • 9 glasses and you can pick your own color for most of them
  • a better leather jacket and flannel shirts in different colors
  • 2 weapons, 2 shields and a nice Scottish Bagpipe
  • different tails, bird wings, a flashlight, a candle, a brush, a billard queue, a dumbbell, pliers and a piece of paper

Additionaly an Italian translation of the help text was added. Thanks to Mark Meilak! If you want to translate this text for your own language too, I would be happy to include it.

I hope you like this mixed update and there is something for everybody. As you might have noticed some of the new objects were chosen because they were suggested in the community wish voting and got good reatings. So if you have a request – post it there and maybe you’re lucky as well! The wished which are included were moved to the archives now and the votes are reset. Let’s see what will be chosen for the next update.

SP-Studio Christmas Special 2009

It’s December 1st – and so this year’s Christmas Special can start!
I got so many nice requests that it will be difficult to choose only 24 of them. But I will try my best to draw useful new things, and of course you can still write down your wishes here in the comments. The surprise for the first day is a saxophone, because that’s the music instrument most of my visitors wished for for a long time. I hope you like it! I will update this Advent calendar every day when I add a new item to the SP-Studio, so don’t forget to check it out tomorrow :).

Advent Calendar

PLEASE remember: NO different body shapes! I have explained so many times, why I will never include this… please stop asking.