Superheroes #1: Guardians

Suth Park x Guardians of the Galaxy crossover SP-Studio updateFor ages my visitors have asked me for superhero costumes, and now your wish shall be granted. This is the start of a couple of updates with costumes inspired by famous superheroes. For the start I picked the Guardians of the Galaxy, because their second movie runs in theaters just now. This is new:

  • Rocket Raccoon inspired clothes, tail, face fur and white whiskers
  • Star-Lord inspired clothes and mask
  • Gamora inspired clothes
  • Baby Groot :)

You might ask for Drax now. I want to split the content in several small updates, so each of them has 3 costumes. Baby Groot was a bonus because it’s no actual costume. So Drax might come later – or other heroes, because there are a ton of them to choose from. Let’s see what will be included next. :)


  1. Do you see the welcome message (“Welcome to the SP-Studio!”)? On the right of it you can select the different body parts and items.
    If you don’t see anything like this and just a white spot you might need to install the Flash player. Which computer do you use? Windows?

  2. Yaaayy, awesome!
    Can’t wait what you have planned for the next batch of superhero updates!
    I know I’ve been asking for Marvel stuff during the Christmas Advent updates, particularly Cyclops, but I hope there will be some DC Comics superhero stuff as well. Like the symbol’s from The Flash and Green Lantern :)

    Regards and many thanks,

  3. Great to hear it! =D
    Something tells me it might involve an Amazonian warrior princess who currently stars in in a newly released movie ;-)

  4. They are already there :)

    Capes & belts: Stuff / fashion accessories category
    Pants for jumpsuits or with underpants on top of them: legs category
    Masks: Stuff / glasses & masks category

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