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I wanted to do this in July, but unfortunately I was not able to work on any updates. But now it is time for the month of famous places from around the world! I will draw new background pictures for the SP-Studio, inspired by your favorite places. It can be landmarks or just typical landscapes from different areas of the world. What do you think should be included? You can vote in the sidebar or suggest more places in the comments. There will be another vote later this month with your ideas.

The first update is inspired by my own country, Germany. I picked an important landmark (the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin) and a stereotypical Bavarian landscape ;). Because these might be two things Germany is famous for.

Places from around the world
Don’t forget to vote for what I should draw next!


  1. How about a Scottish highland landscape? Or Hadrian’s Wall, if it’s got to be a monument.

    By the way, your site is brilliant ^^

  2. Let me translate this one for you: Lastenia Maria Eva Ortiz August 6, 2013 at 9:22 pm
    Podrian poner un paisaje Argentino o arabico

    “You could include an Argentinean or Arabic background.”

    I agree with her, look for “obelisco ave 9 de julio” on google, that is a nice background to have. You are doing an amazing job! keep it up!


  3. That will be cool if you can draw the Detective conan’s hairs

    so heiji hattori/hakuba saguru/conan edogawa/kaito kid

  4. i love this website when im making my c
    south park characters i drew my own characters . so this is a good website and it leads good ideas w
    how to draw your own characters that you make from this website you guys
    keep up the good r

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