New contest: Flower Power

A new contest has started! If you are a member of the SP-Studio community you can submit your picture till March 15th to win your own gallery or even a free wish for a new SP-Studio item. I chose a free topic this month: FLOWER POWER! What comes to your mind? Springtime? Colorful plants? Or some hippies? I am very curious about what you make out of this :).

But let’s not forget the last contest, those are the winners:


1 = Mudkip,
2 = Swinub & Unown
3 = Bulbasaur
4 = Marill vs. Piloswine
5 = Croagunk

This is the second time SoxKid got the 1st place in a contest. Check out his User Gallery, it’s worth a look! And of course you can see all those cute SP-Studio Pokemon pictures HERE.


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