Merry Christmas!

The last surprise of the Advent Calendar is revealed! I decided to draw some New Year’s objects, because many of my visitors asked for that and it’s a nice way to end the Christmas Special. I hope you enjoyed it and some of the new items can be useful for you! Thanks for your great participation, I will remember your requests for upcoming updates. Of course I read every comment and e-mail, so don’t be sad when your wish wasn’t implemented now – perhaps it will appear in 2010. For example I will add some new hair styles then.

Now I need a little break… drawing so many objects was a bit stressful. Let me make a small remark though (fitting to Christmas): I work on this website in my free time and don’t get payed for it, so of course I am always thankful for voluntary support, because that’s needed to help the SP-Studio stay alive. So I am very happy about even small donations (Paypal: or a present from my Amazon wishlist. Perhaps some of your are inspired by Christmas to think about supporting my project. And thanks to all of you, who did this in the last couple of years! Of course it’s just a small part of my visitors, but I appreciate it very much.

See you next year, I wish you wonderful holidays!


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