From cyborgs to space marines

South Park cyborg armor updateThe first SP-Studio update in 2017 brings futuristic armor for your characters!

My Patreon supporters were allowed to select the topic for this update in a poll and this resulted in “cyborgs”. So I designed 4 different types of body armor and fitting helmets. The goal of this update was to give you the freedom to combine those parts and be creative, no matter if you want to make a robot, super hero or space marine. You can select your favorite colors and turn shadows and highlights on and off for each of the new items. This feature might come to the rest of the freestyle collection in future updates as well. I improved two of the existing helmets to give you more freedom in how to color them and finally the freestyle collection was cleaned up to make it easier to find what you need.


  1. Sorry, this won’t happen soon. Unfortunately I do not know how to make apps. I would be interested in learning it, or at least code a HTML5 version which runs on mobile browsers. This would be more likely, because I prefer browser games. But there is no easy way to convert the old files and I cannot spend the time to recreate the whole SP-Studio.

    To be honest it’s also a question of money. I started the Patreon campaign with the thought in mind that I might be able to update the SP-Studio for mobile use, but way more donations would be required to do this. Without money I cannot do much. But there is always the chance that this might change in the future if my visitors decide to support the SP-Studio on a bigger scale.

  2. I included Undyne’s ears and there should be many items which can help to recreate Undertale characters. Are you missing something special?
    It would be difficult to do a big Undertale update because the art style is very different from the SP-Studio art style. I don’t think they go very well together.

  3. Unfortunately I cannot change the actual body shape. But I could add something like the “fat body” or “muscular body” shades (on the screen where you pick the skin color). Do you think this would work?

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