Conan the Barbarian

Conan the Barbarian

Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:05 pm
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"Know, O Prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the rise of the Sons of Aryas, there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars (...) But the proudest kingdom of the world was Aquilonia, reigning supreme in the dreaming west.
Hither came Conan the Cimmerian, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the earth under his sandalled feet."

- The Nemedian Chronicles

The well known character created by Robert E. Howard.

(Post-edited for the belt)
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