Abomination no. 22: Psycho Banshee

Abomination no. 22: Psycho Banshee

Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:46 am
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- You can torture me for hours, von Charlatain, but my spirit is unbreakable, I won't tell you anything!

- Is that so? Let's see how unbreakable your spirit is. Doctor Ague! Bring Object 22 to Interrogation chamber!

- Object 22? What the hell? OH MY GOD! THESE EYES! AAAAAAAGH! NO! PLEASE! AAAAAARGH! Please Stop! I'll tell you everything, JUST MAKE IT STOP!!! I can't.... stop.... staring..... sanity...... fleeting....... world... getting... darker..... reality...... shattering.... brain... going... numbghhhh.... *static noises*

End of Transmission.

This recorded footage of a interrogation shows what upgraded Psycho Mummy is capable of. The interrogated person was reduced to a miserable mumbling, shivering wreck of a man. In addition to insanely powerful psychic powers of it's predecessor, Psycho Banshee has the ability to emit a soul-shattering sonic shriek, which can instantly kill a man.
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