Abomination no. 19: Generic Henchman no. 1G0R

Abomination no. 19: Generic Henchman no. 1G0R

Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:09 pm
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For every contemporary evil genius, a creepy, loathsome hunchback minion is a must, and thanks to Evil Henchmen Cloning Machine (tm), Professor von Charlatain has a whole army of them. Evil Science And Technology Labs are swarming with these guys, who do all the most dirty, most tedious, most hard, and most dangerous work here. If one Henchman will have an "accident", another one takes his place. No wonder, that they soon also became perfect test objects for experimentations. Everyday, hundreds of Generic Henchmen are being electrocuted, ground, impaled, lacerated, shot at, incinerated, disintergrated, turned into fertilizer, torn into shreds and sewn together again. They never complain, never strike, and with a happy smile on their ugly faces are always eager to sacrifice themselves FOR SCIENCE!
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