The Strider

The Strider

Fri Mar 22, 2013 5:16 pm
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Race: Human
Profession: Ranger
Weapon of choice: Vagabond Quarterstaff, Blackwood Bow.

Legend has it, that somewhere deep in Ashenvale, lives a mysterious bowman, known as the Strider. Nobody knows who he is, where did he came from, or even his name. One thing about the Strider is certain: He's a real master of the bow, and he sworn to protect his beloved groves, glades and glens from any danger. He also know how to set vicious traps and snares. The Strider once showed up on archery tournament in Valderocks Castle, and have beaten everyone, including Soxx Kid, Marquis Mattieu, and other illustrous marksmen. Seeing this incredible feat, Queen Janina herself invited the Strider to the Champions of Southparkia. Ulike other Champions residing in the fabled Hall of Fame in Planearia, The Strider dwells in uncharted depths of Blackwood, moving from one camp to another. His prized posession is a quarterstaff won in a duel against notorious outlaw, Viral of Mon Star. This duel soon was a beginning of great friendship between Viral and Strider, which gone even stronger after The Strider joined CoSP.
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