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Race: Dark Elf
Profession: Adventurer
Weapon of Choice: The Singing Sword of the Bard

Dhog'zillah is a very unfatigable Dark Elf. He loves travelling and adventures, he traveled nearly across all the Southparkia, and had many adventures. He joined the Champions in search of new challenges. His father was a bard, Dhog'zillah loved listening to his stories, telling about epic adventures of greatest heroes of Southparkia. He wanted to be just like them, and one day, he took his father's sword, and departed from his home village in search of adventures. He started as a Freelancer, Then he joined Mercenaries Guild, and when he met Lord Eggyslavius, he became member of CoSP. During his adventures, he always have his journal, where he writes about every exploit, mishap, and shenanigans he cames up to. Because of that, and his gift of observation, he became somehow the annalist of CoSP. Although observant, resourceful and witty, Dhog'zillah is also stubborn and chittery. Only quiet and timid Jaed'Pakh Gai seems to tolerate his company. Being exact opposites, These two compliment eachother, Gai has the strength and endurance, while Dhog'zillah has cat-like reflexes and wits. Together they are nearly invincible.
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