Mattieu Benefactor de Valderocks

Mattieu Benefactor de Valderocks

Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:33 pm
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Race: Elf
Profession: Archer
Weapon of Choice: Blackwood Longbow, Sword of the Eagle

Mattieu (or, as Friends call him, Matty BFMV) Is the commander of Elvish Archers in the Army of Southparkia. He rules ove castle Valderocks in Blackwood. He trained with his bow since he was a boy, and soon he became the greatest archer in whole Southparkia. Queen Janina recently gave him the title of Marquis. When he's not training with his troops, he loves to hunt in his home, Blackwood. Indeed, Matty is also a magnificent hunter, the halls of Valderocks Castle are adorned with many trophies, stuffed heads, antlers, pelts, and so on. He always competes with Sox Kidd, yet they still are friends. Unfortunately he's not in friendly conotations with Viral Monster, that's because Viral and his band were mainly operating in Blackwood, and robbed Benefactor's subjects.
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