Lee Fiou

Lee Fiou

Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:33 pm
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Race: Naga
Profession: Warlock
Weapon of Choice: Dragon Staff, Water Magic, His own Claws

Daimyo Lee Fiou is the Ambassador of Ma-Rin Kingdom in Southparkia. He is also a powerful mage. He was the right hand of the Dragon King, and a shogun. Unfortunately, he fell out of favor, and was banished from the Jade Islands. Many years later, Dragon King brought him back. When Fiou entered Royal Palace, he met Jareen II, emissary from far away land of Southparkia. Jareen was searching for allies in war against Princess Janina II, and he wound up at Ma-Rin. Dragon King allowed Jareen II to take some of the best Naga warriors, and chosen Lee Fiou for their commander. Lee was given Ultimatum: Either go to Southparkia with Jareen II, or commit Seppuku. General Fiou chosen the first thing. After his arrival at Southparkian castle, Lord Eggyslavius invited Lee Fiou to CoSP. In combat, Lee Fou uses wide array of Destructive spells. And when he's out of Mana, he shows his skill in ancient Nagan Martial Art: Long Wang Do, which stands for "Feathered Serpent's Claw".
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