Slyanna FoxHound

Slyanna FoxHound

Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:23 pm
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Race: Vampire
Profession: Assassin
Weapon of Choice: Seducer's Whip, Poisoned Butterfly Knife

Another Vampire assassin in CoSP, Slyanna was the only daughter of Lord Foxhound. She once had romance with a vampire, Pressumably Jareen II, who taught her the art of Stealth. She asked her lover to bite her, so she could gain vampiric immortality and power. For that, her Father disinherited her, and banned from Foxhound castle. Homeless and desperate, Lady Ilova joined Black Arrow, Southparkian brotherhood of assassins. She became known as the "Scarlet Death". When Lord Eggyslavius ordered Jareen to recruit more Champions, he remembered his old girlfriend and pupil, and he invited "Scarlet Death" into CoSP. Her weapon of choice is her multi-purpose whip, which can also be used as lasso, garotta and climbing line, and a small, yet deadly butterfly knife.
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