Sir Floinki

Sir Floinki

Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:23 pm
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Race: Goblin
Profession: Paladin
Weapon of Choice: Sword of the Defender, Light Magic

There aren't many Goblin Paladins, but Floinki is the most virtous of his kin. Once a medic in Queen Janina's army, for his servitude he was dubbed knight. Then he joned Champions of Southparkia. As a healer, he combines traditional Goblin methods and recipes with Holy Blessings and Prayers. As a Warrior, he use his Sword, to slash all the evil undead, demons, heretics and other foes. He's not in good conotations with Jareen II, Lady Slyanna, and Kenneth the Dead, since they all are vampires. He also don't trust Viral of the Mon Star clan, because of his criminal past.....
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