Madame Choleera Pangovitz

Madame Choleera Pangovitz

Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:22 pm
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Race: Dark Elf
Profession: Adventurer
Weapon of Choice: Blood Scimitar

Madame Choleera is a seasoned adventurer, her mishaps and adventures are praised in many lyric Bard sonnets and drinking songs, as well. Yet, this experienced Dark Elf Wench is still Chancellor's Eggyslavius' little sister. Now, Madame Pangovitz have retired from adventuring, and runs the "Ye Olde Toad" Tavern in Var'shava. Since her inn is a quite popular place amongst many "shady" types, Choleera is the source of many usefull informations for the Kingdom. Since FoSP Rebellion, Madame Choleera joined her brother in CoSP and was assigned to train the Rookies.
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