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Race: Lich
Profession: Nightblade
Weapon of Choice: Serpent Dagger, Earth Magic

Once upon a time, there lived a young tallented alchemist, named Elvissus. His speciality were poisons and throwing potions. Elvissus was also a very active member of Mages Guild council. His bigest enemy and rival in council was master Eggiz'laah. Oe day, Elvissus found out that Eggiz'laah was in fact a leader of powerfull necromantic cult, and called himself "King of Worms".
Elvissus reported about his discovery to the council, and to Royal Battlemage Eggyslavius. The King of Worms have been excluded from Council, and banished from Southparkia. Eggiz'laah sworn a revenge on Elvissus, and sent assassins on him. They slit Elvissus' throat and killed him. Then Eggiz'laah put a terrible curse on Elvissus, binding Elvissus' soul to a runestone, and turned him into lich. Elvissus changed his name to 3lvissus (3 is the rune carved on his phylactery), and joined Black Arrow. His only purpose in life was revenge on King of Worms. When he heard that Eggiz'laah joined FoSP, he joined CoSP, so he could fight with his rival.
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