Pet - Different Dogs

Pet - Different Dogs

Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:51 am
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Please could you make more shapes for the dogs? its just because i have a dog and i want to do an sp of me and my dog, but hes a jack russel and the only dogs you can get look like bull dogs or giant pugs. - Lucy

I totally understand this wish, because I love dogs and it would be cool to build the dog you have at home.

But when I included pets I decided to just include one shape, because there are SO many breeds... and everyone looks different. If I start drawing 2 or 3 breeds all the other dog owners would tell me "Hey, NOW you must draw mine too!". And even in different colors and patterns... it is just way too much work. So I won't start this at all.

Sorry, but I hope you understand my reasons.

I included my own dog but that was just a personal move.
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