Hilaria Von Charlatain (1850-1858?)

Hilaria Von Charlatain (1850-1858?)

Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:57 pm
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This Oil Painting depicts Hilaria Von Charlatain, the long-lost firstborn daughter of Lord Isaiah Ezechiel and Lady Elena von Charlatain, along with her cat, Mephistopheles. She reportedly perished in a Castle Charlatain fire in 1858, but it's really not known what happened to her. In 1908, fifty years after the fire, her brother Lord Ebenezer had her exhumed, but the unearthed coffin was empty. Since then, many theories have been made concerning little Hilaria, many of them including some weird experiments or creepy rituals, bu one thing is certain: Sometimes, during full moon nights, a child-like moaning, laughter, screams and crying can be heard in the Eastern Tower of the Castle, where Hilaria's room was, and where, incidentally, the fateful fire started...
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