Admiral Argus von Charlatain

Admiral Argus von Charlatain

Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:21 pm
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Born in year 1670, Argus was the youngest son of the Iron Baron, Wrathmont von Charlatain. Since he knew he'd never inherit his father's fortune, he seeked out his own, traveling across the whole Europe. First, he wound up at the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and served in King Stanisław Leszczyński's Navy, but Leszczyński lost his battle for crown with Augustus II of Saxony, and travelled to France, taking Argus with him. There Argus joined royal navy of Louis XV, as a privateer, attacking Brittish ships in the Carribean. He soon ammassed lots of gold and properties in the New World. He also was the only Von Charlatain to settle in America, Luisiana to be exact. He died in 1745,after a crew mutined against him, and marooned him on an uncharted, barren island, where he starved to death. His grandson Ebenezer II von Charlatain went back to Draconistan after the Revolutionary War, and reclaimed Castle Charlatain. There, in 1819 he fathered Isaiah Ezechiel von Charlatain, who in turn fathered Ebenezer Vincent Ignatius Laurence III, Eugene Isaiah, and Hilaria von Charlatain.
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