Baron Wrathmont St. Germaine Von Charlatain

Baron Wrathmont St. Germaine Von Charlatain

Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:29 pm
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The history of Von Charlatain family hails back to year 1666, when Grand Duke of Draconistan, Alexander Tiberius II have knighted a man known as Wrathmont von Charlatain, and gave him Castle von Charlatain and all the lands surrounding it as investiture for his servitude. Von Charlatain, prior to aquiring the title of Baron, was a Condotier, a leader of an army for hire, and had served Grand Duke since 1650. Legend has it, that Wrathmont was also a ruthless, cruel man, in his many battles he never took any prisoners, he let his men pillage and rob defenseless village folk, and he enjoyed torturing and killing people in most brutal ways. After becoming a lord, he oppressed his subjects, with high taxes and tyrannical rule so much, that he earned himself the monicker "Iron Baron". The Grand Duke knew about that, but he couldn't do anything, since Von Charlatain's private army could easilly overpower Draconistan's own military, and leave the Grand Duchy in ruins. Luckilly for them all, "Iron Baron" soon died in a duel in 1675, But he left many sons and daughters, who inherited his great fortune, and the house Von Charlatain have grewn in power and riches ever since, soon becoming Draconistan's most influential family.
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