4. The Claw of Rage

4. The Claw of Rage

Mon May 16, 2016 6:54 pm
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"Montreal, 1st March 1898: My father had told me an old tale about the "Ten Tigers of Canton" once. It mentioned a fighter named So Hak-fu who had created a weapon of incredible force."

"Bejing, 19th March 1898: I had to translate several old chinese scrolls and couldn't believe it. Whoever will use this weapon will become a slave of neverending rage. I had to find it..."

"Near Dalu village, 25th March 1898: It was a rough fight to enter the cave. It is called Fu Yuan Dong and I guess about 3000 ft deep. My guides already had left my adventure shortly I had entered the darkness. For all one is worth I struggeled through narrow tunnels, scared to death. At least I only got one torch left but my right hand reached for So Hak-fu's Claw of Rage."
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