Jareen II 1/2

Jareen II 1/2

Sat Feb 14, 2015 1:59 pm
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(stolen from eggy)

Second Jareen twin was a strange child. Wether it was caused by trauma he had after his mother's death, or his transformation is unknown. Jareen II 1/2 claimed he heard voices in his head. Needless to say, the voices were driving him mad. He soon started to be obsessed with death, which lead him to an interest in vile art of black magic. At the time Jareen twins were 15 years old, and were rised by poor farmers in village of Maw. Jareen II 1/2 was practicing Dark Arts in his foster parents' barn. One of Jareen's rituals caused horrible fire, which killed the farmers, and disfigured his face. Jareen II, alarmed by the fire, ran for help. The peasants found out who was the arsonist, and tried to kill Jareen II 1/2, but he ran away to the nearby marsh. There Jareen II 1/2 was found by King of Worms himself. Eggiz'lah made Jareen his apprentice. Years went by, and Jareen II 1/2 grown up to be a psychopatic, sadistic killer nightblade. Since the barn accident, Jareen II 1/2, known now as Jareen the Mad, in his dementia blamed his brother for all the misfortunes he went through. When War of Succession started, Janina II needed a strong commander, capable of installing fear and obedience in her troops. She have chosen Jareen the Mad, who gladly have taken this role. They say, that when one of the officers was opposing Jareen's order, He teared his intestines out, tied it into a noose, and hanged the insubordinate soldier on it while he was still alive, right in front the eyes of former officer's men. Since then, No one ever denied Jareen's order.
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