Hair - Various

Hair - Various

Sat Nov 02, 2013 2:39 pm
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Some hairstyles I thought would be usefull for a number of characters/uses.
The fist one I actually saw in a dream I had (I'm starting to dream about South Park more frequently FTW). The one next to it I actually have a nice OTHER idea for. As in that the hair on the head would be a seperate hairstyle, and that the ponytail behind the arm would be an item in the 'additional highlights' category. So you'd be able to combine short hairstyles with ponytails, wich to me would seem rather usefull, eh? The one in the bottemleft corner is just a basic short hairstyle. And the one next to it I based on this character on a comedic television show wich is quite popular in the Netherlands and Germany, I think it would be of use for a number of different charaters and things.
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